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The EUROCONTROL AirQuestion database, created by EUROCONTROL IANS Training Development and Harmonisation Unit in cooperation with the ATC Unit and the Member States represents a reliable source of questions (and answers) for the ATCO CCC Basic Training assessments. A comprehensive validation process was undertaken by the User Group in 2005 and through the IANS ATCO Basic Training Course assessments.

The AirQuestion questionbank is regularly updated. The questions have been thoroughly proof-read, examined and checked for inaccuracies and errors. However, if you believe you have found an incorrectly presented data, please let us know so we can address the issue promptly.
The assessments available here are examples of the Final Exams for the ATCO CCC Basic course subjects. The full service and list of Assessments is available through TrainingZone for registered users.

#SubjectNo. of questions
2.Aviation Law145
3.Air Traffic Management780
7.Human Factorsno questions available yet
8.Equipment and Systems104
9.Professional Environmentno questions available yet

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